Fellowship Festivities & Activities

Fellowship is built on community. Our community is built on sobriety.

We know that sobriety is a journey, and that it's a worthwhile one to embark on. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate during the year, and here are some of the things you can look forward to while you live in Fellowship House.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Holidays can be tough if you don't have someone to spend them with, which is why we have a Thanksgiving dinner for you to spend with your Fellowship family.

Christmas Dinner

We believe that no one should have to spend Christmas alone. We have a full Christmas feast to indulge in at each of our houses.

Social Outings & Activities

Approximately once a month, each house provides an opportunity to socialize and have fun together. From picnics to mini golf, and hay rides to game night, we absolutely insist that you remember how to enjoy life sober.

1 Year Sober Dinner

Sobriety is a big deal. Staying sober an entire year is a huge milestone that should be celebrated. Whether you want crab legs, surf & turf, or a smorgasbord of all of your favorite foods and dessert -- we believe that when you hit one year of sobriety, you go big, or go home -- and dinner is on the house!

The Cat

Cats were worshipped as gods in ancient times and haven't forgotten this. Still, we've found that they make for good company, and you'll generally find one meandering through Fellowship House.

Crab legs.jpg