The Story

Hi, I'm Margie.

If you're wondering how a Chemical Engineer from the University of Michigan started a sober housing movement, read on.

My sober journey started in 2011, and my real estate journey began 5 years later. My mom gave me some great advice when I was younger. She told me to invest in real estate. When she passed away, I knew I had to honor her legacy.

No longer having a family of my own, I've been able to create the fellowship I crave. We celebrate the holidays together, and we support one another through all of life's ups and downs.

I know and live the 12 Steps and we actively work on them within Fellowship House. This is something that goes far beyond just a roof over someone's head. It's a service, a benefit, and a passion.

Above all else, I treat everyone that comes to Fellowship House with professionalism and respect.

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House Manager - Men's & Women's Minneapolis

Tina Rasmussen

With more than 2 years of sobriety and having completed the 12 steps, Tina actively sponsors some of the women in the house and upholds a strong 12 Step tradition.


House Manager - Alpena

Isa Morua

Isa has been with the Alpena house since day 1. She actively works the 12 Step program and manages and works hard to foster long-term sobriety at the Alpena House.